Escentric 03 - 200ml Body Wash
Carole Ridley

Escentric 03 - 200ml Body Wash

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Escentric Molecules’ new Body Washes create a super-luxurious showering experience thanks to an unusually high percentage of fragrance in every bottle. While the fragrance-rich foam revitalises the mind, gentle cleansers leave the body vibrant and fresh, and plant-based moisturisers condition and hydrate skin and hair. Packaged in sleek, squeezable bottles designed for ease of use.

Vetiveryl acetate (smooth and elegant vetiver molecule with a grapefruit accent ) + fresh lime peel, ginger, green peppercorn, musk.

Escentric Molecules Body Wash is paraben-free and sulphate free. Designed to be enjoyed by both men and women.