Lofina Shoes

Style and comfort are synonymous with Lofina Shoes, and at the heart of every pair they create lies the principle that one should never have to chose between the two.
Designed in Denmark and brought to life in Italy, Lofina was born of a family business in the mid-nineties. The team, consisting of Lisa-Lotte, Morten and their two daughters, Sisse and Sofie, have worked together to build a brand that we at Carole Ridley are proud to represent; one of standout design and unparalleled quality. 

Each piece of footwear comes to exist as a result of intricate design and superb Italian craftsmanship. 

The shoes are handmade in a small village on the coast of North East Italy which means that no pair is ever exactly alike. 

The exquisitely soft, high quality leather that Lofina are renowned for is all locally-sourced, fully recycled and the soles made of natural, ecological rubber. Thanks to their beautifully flexible and supple nature, their shoes don’t require breaking in, lovingly enveloping the wearer’s foot from the outset.

Having been one of the first UK stockists of Lofina Shoes, we have been delighted to watch this family business go from strength to strength over the years, and to witness each season the passion and ingenuity that goes into creating some of our favourite footwear. 

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