Behind Our Brands

New Re-Cycled Raincoat Line Just Landed

Design and functionality don't have to be mutually exclusive, and neither should cost the earth. With that in mind, we are very excited to introduce you to our brand new line of unisex raincoats. Blending technical clothing with urban style, this chic collection is made from 100% recycled PET plastic bottles and organic cotton.  The ultimate in adaptability, every raincoat conceals two side zips, offering the option to transform the jacket into an oversized poncho designed specifically to drape over your bike's handlebars. Relaxing the jacket in this way also allows the fluidity of the material to be fully enjoyed.  There's...

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Yacco Maricard

Known for their immaculate attention to detail and signature hand-placed pin tucks, Yacco offers a contemporary take on traditional Japanese fashion; Clothing that breaks the constraints of the conventional, acting as an outlet for self-expression and an extension to one's own personality.  This modern Japanese aesthetic has created a name and image that are instantly recognisable across all four corners of the globe: Gently structured, oversized silhouettes sculpted from an array of natural, luxurious fabrics.  Through their in-house dying process, they balance striking vibrancy with tonal delicacy to create the rich, unique hues for which the brand is known.  Our collection...

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Lofina Shoes

Style and comfort are synonymous with Lofina Shoes, and at the heart of every pair they create lies the principle that one should never have to chose between the two. Designed in Denmark and brought to life in Italy, Lofina was born of a family business in the mid-nineties. The team, consisting of Lisa-Lotte, Morten and their two daughters, Sisse and Sofie, have worked together to build a brand that we at Carole Ridley are proud to represent; one of standout design and unparalleled quality.  Each piece of footwear comes to exist as a result of intricate design and superb Italian craftsmanship. ...

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