Product Care

Please follow the care labels which are placed inside all garments. Each product page has the washing instructions in the description which we have taken from the label itself. We encourage you to read this again before washing. If you have any uncertainties on how you should wash the garment please don't hesitate to call us.

If the product says Dry Clean only and you are just not confident sending it to your dry cleaner then please just call us. We can recommend Dry Cleaners in Kent or tell you the best way to wash the article as we may have experience. 

Carole Ridley aims to stock garments you can wash besides the odd collection. Carole and her staff are proud washers so please don't hesitate to get their advice. 

Here are some general tips according to certain fabrics.

Cotton: Wash on 30°C on a gentle cycle. Like colours always. Hang out to dry as a tumble dryer can shrink the cotton. Pull the garment into shape when you take it out the machine and this will limit the use of an iron. 

Cashmere: Try not to wash your cashmere after every time you wear it, it isn't necessary. Airing out your cashmere can be a fantastic way to freshen it up.

When you do need to wash your cashmere you can do it by hand or in the machine. Use a specialist detergent and place it on a low spin cycle of 30°C or lower. Dry the garment flat to avoid the shape from dropping. 

Store the garment away flat and away from any moths! Putting your cashmere in plastic zip bags can ensure they are not found! 

Pilling naturally occurs from wearing cashmere. It can be removed with a specialist tool. 

Wool: Most labels which are wool state to Dry Clean only. This is something we would encourage. However, if you are an experienced washer then you can wash wool on a cold gentle cycle wash. Don't wring out the excess water but squeeze it gently from the garment. Make sure the item is pulled into shape and dry flat. 

Like cashmere be mindful of moths on wool items.

Pilling also can occur in high friction areas but this is natural wearing of wool. 

Silk: As you know silk is a delicate fabric and doesn't require washing after ever use. Simply air-ate the garment and use until it requires a wash. Wash with silk detergent on a gentle wash in a wash bag or by hand. Do not wring or soak the silk in too much water. Press the silk into a towel to absorb the moisture and let it dry flat in a breeze. 

If you need to iron your silk garment then ensure the iron is on a low heat and we would recommend placing a thin fabric in between the iron and the silk. Our favourite way is to allow creases to drop out naturally; hang the garment up when you take a hot shower and let the steam do its magic. This is a perfect trick when travelling.

Linen: Wash on 30°C on a gentle cycle and do not go higher than this as it could damage the linen fibres. Like colours always. Hang out to dry with hangers and pegs that will not leave any impressions in the fabric. 

Everyone knows linen creases and that is a beautiful quality of the fabric that you need to embrace otherwise it may not be the ideal fabric for you. We suggest letting the creases drop out with the steam of a hot shower. If the items requires an iron then do not place the hot iron directly on the fabric as it will go shiny. Place a thin fabric in-between. 

Leather: Leather items aren't meant to be washed but naturally take on the characteristics of wear to be a unique garment to you. If you need to spot clean you can with a damp cloth and you can use a leather conditioner if you require. Always do a patch test before you do the whole garment. 

Above is some general advice please call if you need some more help. Do so before you wash the item not after!