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Carole Ridley

Escentric 02

Escentric 02

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The sweeter partner to Escentric 1. A warm and sexy fragrance you can wear all year round or a perfume perfect for autumn as the cooler days come in. 

Escentric 02 -  13.5% Ambroxan* in a formula designed to amplify its mineral note with hedione (green jasmine bud), a ‘gin and tonic’ accord, “and a hint of the Austrian lemonade called almdudler”. Schoen describes the final effect as ‘super longlasting freshness into the drydown, together with a subtle sensuality.”

It is a crystal with a chemical structure identical to the ambrox derived from ambergris. For centuries ambergris was perhaps the most prized ingredient in perfumery. It is a somewhat mysterious substance expelled by the cachalot or sperm whale which only attains its fine scent after a long maturation floating in the ocean. Ambergris is rarely found these days, and the ‘amber’ in a modern fragrance will be one of several lab-created equivalents, the finest of which is the nature identical Ambroxan. Different from the other animal ingredients, ambergris was always valued for its refinement as well as its sensuality. This quality persists in Ambroxan. “It has a fresh almost mineral quality,” says perfumer, Geza Schoen, “that lingers into the drydown.” Ambroxan was isolated from plant sources in 1950.

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