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Carole Ridley

Molecule 8.5ml Discovery Set

Molecule 8.5ml Discovery Set

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We finally have them in stock! The Molecule Discovery Set is created to encourage and satiate your scentual curiosity. Designed for exploration, this set enables you to recce all five of our Molecule scents before determining your preferred olfactory escape. The fragrances are housed in 8.5ml mini vials, scaled down to explore the radial world of Molecules and quench all your on-the-go scenting needs.

Pure and singular, the Molecule fragrances are radically minimalist and celebrate the chemical scents that make up the bulk of perfumes in their own right. Geza wanted to take a conceptual approach to olfactory creativity and innovate at a molecular level by reducing a fragrance down to its essential elements. Effects, not fragrances, where a single note aroma-chemical gives the most dynamic results: freshness and sex appeal. 

Molecule 01: Revolutionary Minimalism
Molecule 02: Mineral Amber 
Molecule 03: Grassy Roots 
Molecule 04: Cocooning Radiance 
Molecule 05: Piney Cashmere 

All five Molecule fragrances are brimming with character and unbeholden to gender distinctions. These moody beauties all hold a web of multifarious meanings, definitions and sensations. 

Perfect stocking filler for you or others ;) 

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